A few early notes from Candlestick Park

SAN FRANCISCO -- Surveying the scene from Candlestick Park a few hours before the 7-1 San Francisco 49ers and 6-2 New York Giants face one another:

  • Spectacular sunshine overhead. There's haze on the horizon, but nothing to indicate anything other than a pleasant day.

  • Moisture under foot. Workers are rolling up and stowing the last of the tarps used to keep previous rains from saturating the field too badly. There was lots of standing water on the tarps. Workers are using giant brooms to sweep away water along the sidelines once the tarps have been rolled up. There figure to be some slippery spots on the grass here, as usual.

  • Salute to veterans. Workers have left placards in select seats spelling out the words "THANK YOU" in the upper deck and "VETERANS" in the lower stands.

  • Officiating note. Tony Corrente is the referee assigned to this game. I checked his officiating stats and noticed his crews have called five of the 19 chop-block penalties against running backs since 2009. That is a league high. His crews have also called a league-high five penalties against offensive linemen for illegal blocks above the waist. His crews also rank among the top three in most combined calls for unnecessary roughness, personal fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting. Might not mean much, but things to keep in mind.

I'm settled into the press box here and will be watching the early Week 10 games involving the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. I'll be participating in a chat throughout the 49ers' game later Sunday.