When should the Eagles retire No. 20?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Philadelphia Inquirer blogger Bob Ford is wondering when the Eagles will officially retire safety Brian Dawkins' number. They could do it when the Broncos come to the Linc this season, but as Bob points out, things could get a little awkward. And honestly, what's the big hurry?

I don't think Eagles fans will suddenly move on with their lives because of a nice ceremony. Give some of the wounds time to heal and then hold the ceremony after Dawkins retires in a year or two. I'm also wondering why we've skipped a couple numbers. Tommy McDonald and Harold Carmichael are both worthy of consideration. And don't forget about "Super" Bill Bradley and Randall Cunningham.

Should Dawkins go straight to the front of the line simply because he's top of mind right now? Let me hear from you guys.