NFC East Total QBR report

Yeah, I know what you're all wondering the wake of Sunday night's Philadelphia Eagles victory over the New York Giants. You want to know what Vince Young's Total QBR was. Well, I'm sorry for keeping it from you all day.

For the game, Young had a Total QBR of 66.9, which is pretty good. It's better, for example, than Michael Vick's 58.1 Total QBR for this season (which ranks 11th in the league among qualifying quarterbacks), and considerably better than the 31.3 Total QBR that Vick posted in the Eagles' Week 3 loss to the Giants. It was also aided, of course, by the 18-play drive Young led to win the game in the fourth quarter. On that drive, Young posted a Total QBR of 97.7 (out of a possible 100, remember). Prior to that drive, thanks mainly to his three interceptions, Young had a Total QBR of 44.4.

Young's overall number ranked 15th among NFL quarterbacks who have played so far in Week 11, with the Patriots-Chiefs game yet to be played on Monday Night Football.

The best Total QBR of the week belonged to the Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo, who put up a number of 82.9 in the Cowboys' victory over the Washington Redskins. That ties Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers for the seventh-best Total QBR of the week so far. Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman had a very good 72.3 Total QBR in the same game and currently ranks 12th for the week.

It was a rough week for the Giants' Eli Manning, whose 23.0 Total QBR ranks 25th among qualifying quarterbacks who've played so far this week -- ahead of only the Rams' Sam Bradford, the Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Cardinals' John Skelton. For the season, Manning's Total QBR is 63.8, which ranks second in the NFC East (not counting Young, who hasn't had enough plays to qualify) behind Romo's 76.1. Romo has the third-best season Total QBR in the league, behind only Rodgers and Drew Brees. Manning ranks ninth, and Grossman's season mark of 44.7 ranks 26th.