Monday NFC East headlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


  • Randy Galloway says the Cowboys and Bills have more in common than one might think: "The case could be made that the current Cowboys have more football talent than the Bills, who have now welcomed the Dearly Departed One," writes Galloway. "But in the big picture, the Cowboys are really no different from the Bills when it comes to ongoing futility, and, yes, desperation. That's scary, but also factual. Jerry Jones, the architect of our local disaster, previously thought the DDO [Terrell Owens] could help push the Cowboys past the point of desperation. Didn't happen, for whatever reason. So now the DDO has moved along to another desperate football situation."

  • Jen Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks about the post-T.O. era. In fact, she seeks advice from folks in Philly: "Do not make this all about QB Tony Romo, or any more than everybody already thinks banishing T.O. from Valley Ranch and exiling him to Buffalo was all about him," writes Engel. "This includes and starts with you, Jerry. All of this talk of an organizational desire to become 'Romo-friendly' has heaped even more pressure on Romo than what already exists (which is plenty) and this T.O.-vs.-him drama is exactly what has dogged Donovan McNabb in Philly. Talking to a few media friends on WIP this week, I noted that McNabb seemed to take a while to recover from his T.O. experience."
    "'He's still answering questions' was the answer."


  • Former Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas thinks the Philly coaches could stand to be more passionate: "I think it would make the team a lot better, if they were that type of coaches. It would definitely change the atmosphere of the team. You look at other coaches, who seem like they really get into the players' place. I look at the coach from Pittsburgh [Mike Tomlin], he seems like he's a real passionate coach. He's really into his players, joking around with them. I think he's a great motivator, also. Other coaches around the league, I've seen them get passionate. Philly is just a little different. It's more businesslike, you know? Like, 'I expect you to do it, and that's it.'"