Chargers, Norv Turner in trouble

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers are basically dead in the AFC West -- and expect there to be repercussions.

A home loss in overtime to the surging Denver Broncos on Sunday was the Chargers’ sixth consecutive loss. They are a dreadful 4-7 after starting the season 4-1. Usually, Norv Turner's Chargers flop early and surge late. Now, it is unlikely even a hot finish could save the Chargers and Turner.

The AFC West is all about the 7-4 Oakland Raiders and 6-5 Denver Broncos -- who have won five of quarterback Tim Tebow's six starts this season. In addition to chasing the Raiders, Denver is a game out of the AFC wild card race.

While both Oakland and Denver have legitimate playoff hopes, the Chargers are going nowhere fast.

“It hurts,” San Diego safety Eric Weddle said.

Weddle also is well aware the next five weeks in San Diego will not be full of holiday cheer. There will likely be daily questions about Turner's job security.

Already, many San Diego fans are wondering if the Spanos family will decide they have had enough after a six-game losing skid. Unless the Chargers somehow make playoffs, it appears Turner’s days are numbered. At this point, indications are that general manager A.J. Smith may be safe.

“I support my coach,” San Diego linebacker Shaun Phillips said Sunday. “The moment we start not to support him, we failed ourselves and failed him.”

All seven of San Diego’s defeats this season have been winnable games. Sunday, the team cleaned up its turnover issues. Still, the Chargers didn’t do enough offensively to win the game.

“I’m like every guy in that room,” Turner said. “We’re going everything we can to find a way to get a win.”

However, it simply appears that Turner is running out of time.

“It’s tough and we know what all the talk is going to be,” Weddle said. “We’ll just have to stay mentally tough and try to finish strong. We won’t give up.”