What's next for Jack Del Rio?

Jack Del Rio’s not going to resurface as an NFL head coach.

Out after nearly nine years as the top man with the Jaguars, he was the lone coach in league history to last that long without winning a division title.

I always liked his candor, but he didn’t walk the line well in terms of saying the buck stops here, in terms of defending his coaches rather than passing blame, in terms of improving as time passed. He was very fortunate to have the job he had, yet he tried to gain leverage when jobs opened at LSU and USC, even as those schools were never going to hire him.

What’s next for him?

Well, the remainder of his $5 million from this year and his $5 million next year, to start.

A lot of folks seem to see him as a college coach. My bias comes into play here, as I can’t imagine the appeal of being a college coach and having to sit in living rooms and beg high school kids to join your program. If I am Del Rio, that has zero appeal to me.

I expect he’ll be more along the lines of Mike Tice, Dave McGinnis, Gunther Cunningham, Jim Zorn, Mike Singletary and Tom Cable -- deposed head coaches who resurfaced as position coaches working quietly in the background with a new team.

Will it be next year or will he take a year off while collecting the remaining salary? That’s the question.