Atlanta's McKay in minority on overtime thoughts

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay is not thrilled with the statistics about overtime games last season, but the co-chairman of the league's competition committee admits he's in the minority.

That's why, despite some rumblings to the contrary, no change in the overtime format will be proposed at next week's NFL meeting in California.

McKay pointed out that the team that won the coin toss won 63-percent of last season's overtime games and 43.4-percent of those contests were decided on the first possession.

"They are troubling to me, personally,'' McKay said in a conference call with the media Wednesday afternoon.

But McKay said, after talking with players, coaches and owners, the competition committee didn't see any need to change the current system. McKay said the majority of people the competition committee talked to believe the overtime system is fine the way it is.

"There's just not enough support to change it,'' McKay said.