Ndamukong Suh should pass on appeal

Like any NFL player, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has the collectively bargained right to appeal the two-game suspension he received Tuesday from commissioner Roger Goodell. To be sure, exercising that right wouldn't necessarily reflect a lack of contrition or understanding of the consequences of his actions.

But given the spectacle and subsequent fallout of his ejection from last Thursday's game, Suh's best course of action would be to accept the suspension and allow this news cycle to fade away. Even if he is just following a pro forma legal practice, Suh would extend public discussion of an episode everyone wants to move past on the slight chance that Goodell will change a decision he spent four days contemplating.

For those who are asking, Suh has three days to notify the league office of an appeal. An expedited hearing would take place before the weekend. We have heard no official word yet from Suh or the Lions, but I don't see the wisdom in that course of action.

Update: The Lions released a statement that gave no indication about Suh's potential to appeal. The statement read: "We were formally informed this morning of the League’s decision to suspend Ndamukong Suh for two games. We respect the process the League undertook in order to arrive at this decision.”