NFL Power Rankings, AFC West-style

Here's a look at how the AFC West teams fared in our Week 14 NFL Power Rankings. I do not have a vote, but I do have an opinion.

Denver Broncos

Power ranking: 10

My range: 11-13

Comment: Who would have thought two months ago the Broncos would be atop the division in December?

Oakland Raiders

Power ranking: 15

My range: 13-15

Comment: I don’t think there is a five-spot difference between the Broncos and Raiders.

San Diego Chargers

Power ranking: 21

My range: 20-22

Comment: It may be too late, but the Chargers showed who they can be against the Jaguars.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power ranking: 23

My range: 20-22

Comment: The Chiefs moved up a spot after losing to the Steelers and then dropped two spots after beating the Bears. I don’t get it, either.