Looking at the playoff picture

If the playoffs started right now, the NFC South would have two representatives.

The Atlanta Falcons would be the No. 5 seed. The Falcons and Lions both are 9-5, but Detroit would be the No. 6 seed because the Falcons won a head-to-head meeting.

The 11-3 New Orleans Saints also would be in, but we can’t really say where they’d be seeded just yet. It could be No. 2 or No. 3. But the San Francisco 49ers are 10-3 and don’t play until Monday night.

The Saints can clinch the NFC South title if they beat the Falcons next week. At the moment, the Falcons would play No. 4 Dallas in the first round.

Here’s a look at how the playoff situations stand for both conferences right now.

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