49ers: Engineers working to restore power

SAN FRANCISCO -- A blown transformer outside Candlestick Park knocked out power to the stadium roughly 10 minutes before the Monday night kickoff between the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The stadium went pitch black immediately. Backup generators soon restored minimal stadium lighting, but conditions were far too dark for a football game. A team official, Bob Lange, then told reporters in the pressbox that city engineers expected to have power restored within 5-10 minutes.

Lights inside the pressbox have been restored. Signage inside the stadium appears lit. Minimal lamppost lighting is allowing for some visibility of the field from high above. The color guard has not moved and remains standing near midfield, awaiting the national anthem. Lights on the "SportsCenter" set have been restored, making analyst Trent Dilfer's dome stand out like a beacon.

Internet service in the pressbox, notoriously spotty by NFL standards, continued working throughout the outage.

More details as we get them.