Browns not looking to add free-agent QB

The Browns made it clear earlier this week that Colt McCoy will have to win a quarterback battle to be the team's starting quarterback. Now, it appears that any quarterback added to the competition will come from the draft.

Browns president Mike Holmgren was asked today by Cleveland reporters if the team would sign a quarterback in free agency.

"That's probably not the way we'll go about it," Holmgren said, via The Cleveland Plain Dealer. "You never know. There are a few guys in the league who have started and will be free agents. We're going to look at them. We'll evaluate all of them."

When asked indirectly about Packers backup Matt Flynn, who threw for six touchdowns in the season finale and will become a free agent this offseason, Holmgren said, "I think when you go into your second start and you break (a Packers') record, yeah, that's a little unusual. But we can't comment on players with other teams."

Holmgren said he thinks McCoy "could be" a franchise quarterback, but isn't ready to say that yet.

"Was I pleased? Yeah, in a lot of the stuff he did," Holmgren said. "My opinion of Colt has not changed. I think he has a lot of intangibles. Ultimately, though, as with not only the quarterback position but every position, you’re kind of judged on how well your team did. I’m not ready to anoint Colt yet."

The Browns, who have the fourth overall pick in the 2012 draft, have been linked to Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.