Saturday bits: Joe Philbin, Raheem Morris

NEW ORLEANS -- I'm feeling what Detroit Lions defensive end Cliff Avril tweeted a few minutes ago: "Hating waitin around all day... Ready to go do work." Time speeds up for no one, or something like that, so while the minutes creep by, let's take a look at two other NFC North stories percolating on this fine Saturday afternoon.

The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to name Romeo Crennel their permanent head coach, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin had also interviewed for the job. Philbin is believed to still be a candidate for the Miami Dolphins' opening.

Meanwhile, there has been plenty of discussion about the state of the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coaching staff since former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris interviewed for an unspecified job Friday. Defensive line coach Karl Dunbar has confirmed that he won't return, but the Vikings have made no announcements about the fate of defensive coordinator Fred Pagac.

The Vikings followed a similar tack last season, interviewing several offensive coordinator candidates while leaving the future of incumbent Darrell Bevell unaddressed, at least publicly. It's not clear whether Morris interviewed for the Vikings' defensive coordinator job or an assistant head coach/defensive backs job; ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported only that it would be a "high-profile" assignment. But let's just say it's not a good sign for any sitting coordinator to have high-profile candidates interviewing for "high-profile" jobs.

If Morris joins the Vikings, his arrival would provide another argument against shifting to a 3-4 scheme, as the team reportedly is mulling. Morris spent the past 10 seasons with Tampa Bay, where the "Tampa 2" framework the Vikings currently use was originally developed. Would you hire, or even consider, a 4-3 specialist at the start of a shift to the 3-4?

Back in a bit.