Mortensen: Irsay already sold on Luck

The presumption that the Indianapolis Colts will draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck first overall at the end of April solidifies with Chris Mortensen’s report Saturday that says owner Jim Irsay is intent on doing just that.

Irsay is currently sifting through general manager candidates, but the report suggests the new hire won’t have much of a chance to sway Irsay on the pick or on a trade of the pick. The attractiveness of the job is, largely, that the team will be adding such a high-quality young quarterback.

But Irsay said on NFL Network when the Colts played on a Thursday night in December that if Peyton Manning is healthy and plays in 2012, he will play for the Colts.

And, as has been discussed and will be discussed non-stop, having both players on the 2012 Colts could cause all sorts of strain.

Manning doesn’t like to yield any practice snaps, Luck won’t want to sit more than a year (if he’s willing to do that) and it will be very difficult to shape a roster that helps one in the short run and the other in the long run at the same time.

It won’t just be the offseason story of the AFC South this year, it will be the offseason story of the NFL.