Where could Cutler end up?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Broncos are serious about their statement that they will trade quarterback Jay Cutler. He is not on the team's depth chart at quarterback on its Web site.

It is over.

So here's the next question. Where will Cutler land? Let's handicap the field of possible landing spots for Cutler (with odds in parentheses):

New York Jets (3-1): The Jets have made it known they want to replace Brett Favre with Cutler, another Bus Cook client. The Jets have the No. 17 pick and they would have to give Denver much more to get him. But the Jets showed with the Favre pursuit that they know how to pull off a big deal.

Tampa Bay (3-1): The Buccaneers were one of the first teams to talk to Denver about Cutler in February. They desperately need a quarterback. They have the No. 19 pick, so they might be hard pressed to make a deal.

Detroit (4-1): The Lions have had interest in Cutler since early in this process. They have the No. 1 and No. 20 picks in the draft. However, Detroit could decide to draft Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford instead.

Chicago (5-1): Making such a deal may be out of character for general manager Jerry Angelo, but the Bears need a quarterback and two of their NFC North foes will be going after Cutler. They need to make a push. Chicago has the No. 18 pick.

Cleveland (5-1): The Browns have a good chance of landing Cutler if they want him. They can package Brady Quinn and perhaps defensive tackle Shaun Rogers for Cutler. This could work -- if the Browns want to do it.

Jacksonville (8-1): The Jaguars could use an upgrade over David Garrard. They have the No. 8 pick and could compete with several other packages.

San Francisco (8-1): The 49ers wanted Kurt Warner, so why not Cutler? Expect San Francisco to get in on this race. The 49ers have the No. 10 pick, so it is possible they can give Denver a nice package.

Washington (10-1): I have quietly heard Washington could be involved in a deal for Cutler since the day the trade story broke. The Redskins have said Jason Campbell is their quarterback, but Cutler is a better player and a trade package could involve Campbell. How about Cutler and Mike Shanahan reuniting in the nation's capital in 2010?

Minnesota (12-1): The Vikings were one of the first teams in on Cutler. They have since added Sage Rosenfels, but the idea of Cutler could be tempting.

Tennessee (18-1): This could be a dark horse. Cutler would love to end up in Nashville, where he played in college. But would the Titans do it?

St. Louis (20-1): What better way to start a new era than with a new quarterback. The Rams have other needs, but why not?

Seattle (25-1): Could the Seahawks be intrigued by sending Matt Hasselbeck and the No. 4 pick for Cutler?

Philadelphia (30-1): The Eagles have an aging quarterback and two first-round picks. If they wanted to do it, they could make a nice package.

Kansas City (50-1): This whole saga began when Josh McDaniels wanted Matt Cassel. Perhaps the Chiefs should give McDaniels another chance to take Cassel in a deal for Cutler.