Herm Edwards likes the 'hot' Giants

Our man Herm Edwards was on "SportsCenter" this morning, talking up the New York Giants in advance of Sunday's playoff game against the Packers in Green Bay. Here's the video, but Herm's basic point is that the Giants are a dangerous team because they're coming in hot and have been playing playoff-style games for three straight weeks.

"This is a hot team coming into the playoffs, kind of like Green Bay was last year," he says. "They had pressure games on them just to get into this."

He also points out the stuff we've been discussing about the healthy pass rush and Eli Manning and the Giants playing well on the road. All worthwhile points.

Look, I don't know if the Giants will beat the Packers on Sunday, and I think we'd all agree that it'd be an upset if they did. The Packers are a 15-1 defending Super Bowl champ playing at home and coming off a bye. There's not a team in the league that would be favored against them Sunday, and the Giants are no exception.

But I know the Giants can beat the Packers. As Herm points out, they only lost by three points last time. They're healthier now, and their confidence level is downright stratospheric. Don't be surprised to hear more analysis this week like Herm's, because the Giants right now are as legitimate a candidate to go into Green Bay and pull the upset as is any team in the league.