Final home game for Lewis and Reed?

As the city of Baltimore celebrates the return of playoff football to town, Sunday's game against the Houston Texans might have added significance.

Could this be the final home game for linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed?

Both players, who are considered locks for the Hall of Fame, have battled injuries this season and will be over 33 years old by the start of next season. Reed has contemplated retirement in the past, and Lewis previously hinted that he won't play past 37 (he's 36 right now).

Asked during the bye week whether he's thought about retirement, Lewis told the AFC North blog, "I can’t. While I’m in it, I could never think about that, you know? If I do that, I cheat not just myself; I cheat my teammates; I cheat my city; I cheat the game itself. And you can never cheat those things, because those things are created from you."

Lewis added, "And that’s why, when we talk about being over, whatever, it’s going to end when it’s going to end. And I promise you, when it ends, people appreciate the day I walk off."

There's even a chance that this won't be the Ravens' last home game of the season. If the Ravens win and the Broncos upset the Patriots, the AFC championship game will be played at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium. If the Ravens and Patriots win, however, Baltimore will be headed to New England.

“Me personally, if we go do what we’re supposed to do, then I walk up out of here with two rings,” Lewis said this week.

Would two rings be enough for Lewis to leave with?

“I don’t know, you could kinda get greedy once you get two,” he said.