Reassessing draft firepower following Cutler trade

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Bears' decision to trade multiple draft choices to the Broncos for Jay Cutler has shaken up the draft order and altered the landscape for future trades.

In light of this, I've updated the Excel draft-order file and added a sheet showing the number of picks per round for each team. Another column assigns values to those picks from the draft trade chart for all non-compensatory choices, producing a total value for each team.

The total values tell us roughly how much firepower each team has for making additional trades. The chart overvalues some of the top choices, I think, but you can adjust accordingly.

The five teams with the most draft capital for trades: Detroit (4913.4 points), St. Louis (3,565), Denver (3,006), Cleveland (2747.6) and Seattle (2729.9).

The five teams with the least draft capital for trades: Carolina (520.8), Chicago (549.2), Dallas (871.7), Pittsburgh (1,055.7) and Arizona (1,074.8).

Teams with multiple first-round choices: Detroit, Denver and Philadelphia with two apiece. Teams with multiple second-round choices: New England (3), Cleveland (2), Miami (2), Detroit (2) and the Giants (2).

New England holds a league-high 12 choices. The Bengals, Eagles and Cowboys have 11 apiece. Denver now has 10, as does Seattle, Tennessee and the Giants. The Saints have only four choices, fewest in the league. Chicago has eight, but five are in the last three rounds.