Pats-Ravens: Is McDaniels a factor again?

The good news for the New England Patriots is offensive assistant Josh McDaniels recently drew up a game plan this season against the Baltimore Ravens. McDaniels is the only coach in the building who faced the Ravens this season as offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams.

The bad news for New England is McDaniels' game plan didn't work. The Ravens crushed the Rams, 37-7, in Week 3. St. Louis' offense only registered 244 yards of total offense.

With that said, can McDaniels make an impact in the AFC Championship Game? The former Denver Broncos head coach was a big story in the divisional round. McDaniels received credit for providing valuable intel on his former team. New England played a near-perfect game against the Broncos.

The Patriots last played the Ravens in 2010. Where McDaniels can really help New England is with input on defensive changes under first-year Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano. In that way, McDaniels will have some input. But don't expect the same impact as last week.