Do Cowboys need to draft a QB?

Calvin Watkins is a guy I used to know back when I used to write about the Dallas Cowboys on this blog. Good guy. Knows his stuff. ESPNDallas.com is lucky to have him. And since you guys all seem to be harping on this whole "Hey, there are still three other teams in this division, you know" thing, I decided to wander over there to see what Calvin had to say about the Cowboys today. I found the second part of their "Fixing the Cowboys" series, in which Calvin ponders several things, including the idea that the Cowboys should think toward the future and maybe pick a quarterback somewhere up high in April's draft:

This is nothing against Tony Romo, but he has two-years left on his contract and Stephen McGee is the backup and doesn't appear ready to become a No. 1 quarterback in this league. The Cowboys' window to win a title with Romo is growing short, so drafting a quarterback in the second round not only raises the competition level at the position, it also sends a message to the rest of the team. Nobody is expendable.

The Cowboys won't have a shot at Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, but Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles and Brandon Weeden are projected as late first-round to middle second-round selections. The Cowboys do have plenty of holes on the roster, but they've done a poor job in taking care of their depth. Getting a young quarterback with potential adds to the roster.

An interesting idea, to be sure, and Calvin's logic is not unsound. My only rebuttal is that this was No. 4 on Calvin's list, behind the offensive line, the secondary and the Laurent Robinson situation as it pertains to their depth at wide receiver. The Cowboys have a great many concerns to address in this year's draft, and while it might make sense to draft a project quarterback you think can develop into something special and take over for Romo years down the line when he's done, I'm not sold on the wisdom of the Cowboys using a first-round or second-round pick on at quarterback at this particular time.