Pollard's history with 'pretty boy' Brady

When Ravens safety Bernard Pollard faces Tom Brady on Sunday, he's looking to win a trip to the Super Bowl and not change the NFL again.

lastnamePollardThree seasons ago, Pollard ended Brady's year when he hit him below the knee, which tore the quarterback's ACL and led to the Brady Rule. Now, it's illegal for NFL defenders who are on the ground to lunge at the quarterback's knees or lower.

"That's the pretty boy. That's the man of the NFL. That's Mr. Do-It-All," Pollard told reporters Wednesday, via The Baltimore Sun. "So everybody is going to hold that against me but I don't care."

This isn't the first time that Pollard has played against Brady since that hit. In the 2009 season finale, Pollard intercepted Brady when he was with the Houston Texans.

But everyone remembers Pollard for his part in the Brady Rule.

“You go down there and they’ll take change out of your pockets,” Pollard said. “You have a second to make a decision. We’re conscious of what rules are being put in, but we’re playing football.”