Morning take: It's championship Sunday!

Here are the most interesting stories Sunday morning in the AFC East:

  • The time for talk is over. The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens look to seize this opportunity to go to the Super Bowl.

Morning take: Both teams have been respectful and cordial all week in the media. But expect championship-level play and intensity in what should be a competitive AFC title game.

Morning take: This is often the case and good for Philbin. I sense there will be a clear delineation in Miami of who coaches (Philbin) and who picks the players (Jeff Ireland). Early hints are there won't be a lot of overlap.

  • Former New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will take the same post with the St. Louis Rams.

Morning take: Schottenheimer failed to develop Mark Sanchez in New York. Can he develop another young quarterback -- Sam Bradford -- in St. Louis?

Morning take: I liked Williams coming out of the draft and he proved me correct by showing flashes as a rookie. Williams, a second-round pick, could be a starter at some point next season.