Inside David Tyree's 'Moment in time'

We have an occasional feature on ESPN.com that's pretty cool. We call it "Inside a Moment in Time," and it's an interactive feature that allows you to click on the people in a classic sports photograph and read their description of what they were thinking at the moment the photo was taken. This upcoming Super Bowl rematch between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots offers a perfect chance to go back and revisit one that ran about a year ago, looking back at David Tyree's famous catch from Super Bowl XLII.

Click here to go to the Tyree feature, which actually includes two photos and the memories of five Patriots, five Giants and even back judge Scott Helverson, and read what the people involved in the play were thinking at the time that it happened.

I saw a replay of this Sunday night, and what struck me was what an incredible play it was by Eli Manning, who should have been sacked at least twice and made a perfect laser-beam throw into tight coverage. I remember thinking at the time that Manning had done a brilliant job of escaping, and I know it's been mentioned again over the years. But since the play has become known as the "Tyree play" because of the memorably odd way in which Tyree caught the ball (and the bizarre fact that he never caught another in an NFL game), I think there are probably some people out there who don't fully appreciate Manning's role in it. From where we sit now, it appears to have been a look into the future -- Manning toughing it out, extending a critical play and attempting (and making) a dangerous throw to a receiver no one else trusted but him. Seems like Manning's making a career out of that kind of stuff, no?