Thoughts on Khan's thoughts on Tebow


A friend just drew my attention to this story from WOKV.com and a significant line from Jaguars owner Shahid Khan:

"(One hundred) percent I would have (drafted Tim Tebow),” Khan said. “When is the next time Jacksonville is going to have an athlete like Tim Tebow.”

This is a cringe-worthy comment, and the most troublesome word in it is not “Tim or “Tebow.” It’s “I.”

Khan signed off on an extension for Gene Smith, the general manager who’s employed to make personnel decisions. If Khan meant to say he would have pushed for Tebow and seen how Smith responded, allowing for the possibility he’d be talked out of it, that’s one thing.

If he was going to force the issue, that’s bad news

In case that’s the case, someone should sit Khan down and run him through some context, starting with the story of the Titans’ 2006 draft when owner Bud Adams fell in love with Vince Young and gave his team a five-year headache.

Khan’s personal PR guy and whoever he is listening to with the team should quickly advise him to talk about “we” and not “I.” He needs to be conscious of adding, “but Gene will have his say in that” anytime he is answering personnel questions.

(He should also be ready with “but Mike Mularkey is the guy making those decisions” for when he’s asked about lineup issues or clock management.)

Most Jaguars fans understand why the team didn’t take Tebow, tabbing defensive tackle Tyson Alualu No. 10 in the 2010 draft. It would be far easier to make that argument to the smaller local faction and the louder, more detached national analysts that believe the team should have taken the local hero if Blaine Gabbert had played well as a rookie in 2011.

Until Mularkey and his staff have a productive quarterback taking snaps, questions about Tebow will surface. Hopefully they won’t come again from the inside.

UPDATE, 2:54 p.m.: Here's video of another interview Khan did, with Action News Jacksonville, as he made the rounds.