Brian Waters a sentimental favorite?

INDIANAPOLIS -- New England Patriots veteran guard Brian Waters doesn't want your sympathy.

Yes, Waters has played 12 years at a high level and never won a playoff game until a few weeks ago. And, yes, Waters is 34 and has a chance to win his first ring.

But Waters, like many offensive linemen, does not want to be the story during Super Bowl week.

"I hope not, because this is so much about this team," Waters said. "It's less about me and it’s more about this team, it's unbelievable. That’s one thing I really appreciate here. ... So I hope it's not a sentimental thing with me. I really don't."

Waters spent most of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. With a rotating door at quarterback and head coach, Waters never had the stability and program that he has here in New England. Now, Waters is being coach by Bill Belichick and blocking for quarterback Tom Brady -- two future Hall of Famers.

New England's offensive line has the tall task this week of blocking the talented and fierce defensive line of the New York Giants. It will be a great matchup, as Waters and the Patriots’ offensive line has allowed just one sack in two postseason games.