Nuggets on Rob Gronkowski's ankle

INDIANAPOLIS -- New England Patriots Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski held court with the media Wednesday. He echoed head coach Bill Belichick's comments that he was unsure if he would practice Wednesday but had a couple interesting nuggets about his injured left ankle.

For starters, Gronkowski said the team will look into the possibility of a specialized cleat for his left foot. Sometimes teams are able to make a shoe that protects the ankle in the event of swelling during the game.

"I think we're going over that tonight, so we will see with the training staff," Gronkowski said.

Gronkowski also hasn't done much running, which leads to the natural question of cardio. Players often fall behind on conditioning after ankle injuries. Depending on the length of inactivity, it takes some time to get back into "football shape."

"That's what I'm wondering, too," Gronkowski said with a laugh. "But the training staff has us doing things to keep it up like eating healthy everyday and making sure you’re not eating trash. I’m just staying at weight and doing what I possibly can do to stay in shape."

Nothing is official. But my guess from being around Gronkowski and the team is that he will play. The fact that he's examining the possibility of a special cleat means the team is exploring all avenues to get Gronkowski back on the field, even if he's in a limited role.