Kraft: 'This team is something special'

INDIANAPOLIS — If you didn't know by now, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft loves this team.

Kraft met again with the media on Wednesday to discuss his Patriots going for their fourth Super Bowl title under head coach Bill Belichick. Kraft, in his 18th year owning the team, said chemistry played a huge part in the team's success.

"This team is something special. This might be my favorite," Kraft said as the Patriots prepare for the New York Giants. "I have, like, 53 extra sons. Once again, I'll tell you, they presented me with an oil painting. It had to be planned out six to eight weeks in advance. And in this world where well-to-do players who are narcissistic and selfish, to take the time to give me something that was meaningful to me, every coach and player contributed to that.”

The Patriots certainly have their weaknesses. But they have proven to be able to mask those with toughness and playing to their strengths.

New England plays like a team and it’s easy to see that on the field. Kraft had an interesting comment Wednesday that made me think of the recent struggles with the AFC East-rival New York Jets.

"One thing I’ve learned is that many games are lost and won in the locker room before the game starts," Kraft said. "Now they have to go out and execute [in the Super Bowl]."