ManningWatch: Ryan Leaf weighs in

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf will forever be intertwined.

Leaf toured Radio Row on Thursday, promoting his autobiography, “596 Switch.”

He said he and Manning became friends when Peyton was drafted first and Leaf second in 1998 (by Indianapolis and San Diego, respectively).

“Peyton was always going to succeed because he knew exactly what he wanted and was kind of groomed to do things in the right way,” Leaf said. “I do believe even if Peyton could have lost through the first three years rather than just the one, and thrown 28 interceptions a year for three years, it still wouldn’t have mattered. He still would have had the career he’s having. He could overcome dealing with failure in a positive way.

“To see this city right now kind of crumbling after what he’s done to build it, it’s sad. Because the only way I want to watch No. 18 play is in a blue uniform with a horseshoe on the helmet, that’s for sure. And if he can’t do it, he can do it for another team.

“I do believe he can find a way to do it, and I do believe if they have the opportunity to have Peyton play next year, Andrew Luck can sit for a year behind, possibly, the greatest quarterback ever. It’s going to benefit not only him but the entire organization.”