ManningWatch: Joe Gibbs chimes in

INDIANAPOLIS — Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs won Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. He would not have objected, however, to a long-term relationship with a player the caliber of Peyton Manning.

Gibbs said he thinks if Manning lands on another team, that team should give him a large degree of control in the offense.

“If he’s physically healthy, I predict there will be 25 teams after him. Now the question is, what’s Indy going to do? They’re sitting there with the first pick in the draft and you know where that’s going to go and so what do you do? I think there are a lot of options there. It’ll be interesting to see what Indy does.

“This guy was special, he was special as a player. And I think really what was really special when you go against him was what he did at the line of scrimmage, mentally. Not only physically could he throw it and do all the things he did, but this guy actually took that audible package at the line of scrimmage and drove you crazy.

“If another team gets him, I would say the smart thing to do is to let him direct and help put in the offense… They say he spent hours and hours coaching. He had to in order to do what he did. I mean he goes to the line of scrimmage and quick counts you and that means you’ve got to get into what you’re going to do. And the next time he stops, backs down, says if it’s one deep I’m throwing it, if it’s two deep, I’m handing it off. And when he threw it, all they had to do was put their hand out. He was special. That part of him, you don’t want to lose that as a coaching staff.”