On Manning's contract, Saturday's future

Let’s catch up on a couple interesting Colts' items from Adam Schefter…

1) Manning's contract hopes:

Peyton Manning and/or his people continue to work to assure other teams that he will be signable if (it’s really when) the Colts release him.

Schefter reports that “Manning is completely open to creating a contract in which he would be paid little or no guaranteed money up front and he would have to earn every cent he makes strictly through performance, according to sources.”

Such a structure will put a new team at ease, as it dissipates the risk of paying big dollars up front and then finding that Manning is unable to play because insufficient nerve regeneration leaves him unable to throw the way he needs to.

Someone would probably be willing to give Manning a pretty typical contract. But this is a smart play that likely will prompt more teams to consider pursuing him. The arm is the biggest issue, the contract the second biggest. And Manning’s people are working to minimize the second.

2) Saturday's future.

Sources tell Schefter that the Colts have offered Jeff Saturday a front office job, and that a second team has done the same.

I could see the long-time Indianapolis center in a front office role. But he’s given no indication he’s done playing, so such offers could be premature.

Saturday was a crucial piece in the players’ side of piecing together the new labor deal. He’s thoughtful, well-spoken and smart, and he’s a people person able to relate and interact with virtually anyone.

We don’t know his aspirations beyond his playing days. Networks would also love to have him as an analyst. Would he rather work for a team or a network? Perhaps he’d take time off, or dig deeper into charity work.

Schefter’s report includes a scout saying Saturday can still play. My guess would be that’s the most likely possibility for 2012.