Bucs free up another $7.2 million

TAMPA, Fla. -- I just sent a story to our news desk for our main NFL page, but this news shouldn’t come as any surprise.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. The move was widely anticipated for numerous reasons.

Haynesworth basically was brought in as a rental player in November after the Bucs had a series of injuries in the middle of their defensive line, particularly a season-ending injury to Gerald McCoy. His cost for 2011 was minimal and Haynesworth filled a role by starting six games and making 25 tackles.

But McCoy is expected back at full strength and the Bucs also have good, young defensive tackles in Brian Price and Roy Miller. Haynesworth's contract structure for 2012 was dramatically different and that’s another big reason the Bucs went ahead and released him now.

Haynesworth had been scheduled to count $7.2 million against the 2012 salary cap. By releasing him, the Bucs will not be charged anything for Haynesworth against the salary cap. With leftover money carrying over from 2011, the Bucs now have approximately $67 million in cap space.