Perspective on Rams and trading No. 2 pick

INDIANAPOLIS -- NFL teams have not traded the second overall draft choice since 2000.

The St. Louis Rams could break the streak this year.

The NFL scouting combine is giving them a chance to gauge trade interest, a process that is under way, ESPN's Adam Schefter notes. The Rams already have Sam Bradford at quarterback, and they could use additional picks for rebuilding, making them a prime candidate to move backward in the draft.

The Washington Redskins were the most recent team to acquire the second overall choice, securing the 2000 version from New Orleans as part of the blockbuster trade allowing the Saints to select Ricky Williams. Washington used the pick for LaVar Arrington.

The Saints did not know they were trading the No. 2 overall pick at the time, however; they gave up a slew of 1999 picks, plus first-and third-rounders in the next draft. That 2000 first-round choice wound up being second overall.

The Redskins hold the sixth pick this year and could be a candidate to trade up with St. Louis. Cleveland, which picks fourth, is also among quarterback-needy teams within striking distance of the second pick, which could provide teams a shot at Baylor's Robert Griffin III.

The Seattle Seahawks pick 11th or 12th, and could also use a quarterback. I doubt the Rams would trade the pick within the division, and I doubt the Seahawks would give up what it would take to move up nine or 10 spots.

However, teams face less financial strain trading up into the top few choices. Changes in the rookie wage scale have made those top picks far less expensive than in past years. That could give teams additional reasons to move up; it could also make teams feel better about holding onto those earlier choices.

The chart shows trades involving the second overall choice, plus the players teams wound up drafting with that pick.