On the Clock: Kansas City Chiefs

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
Team needs: Defensive end, linebacker, offensive line, safety.

Dream scenario: There are two likely scenarios Kansas City will find at No. 3. The Chiefs could easily work within the framework of both. One is that Detroit takes Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford at No. 1, leaving Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry is on the board when the Chiefs pick. The Chiefs would likely be happy to nab Curry even though they have added four linebackers this offseason. He is the best defensive player on the board and the Chiefs desperately need help in the front seven. Curry is considered one of the safest bets in the draft. He would make an instant impact in Kansas City. The other scenario: The Lions take Curry and Stafford falls to No. 3. This would put Kansas City in a position of strength. Several teams will likely consider moving up to draft Stafford. Kansas City has plenty of needs, so a trade down for additional draft picks wouldn't be the worst idea.

Plan B: If Curry is off the board and if a trade down can't be worked out, the Chiefs may have to look at offensive players. Yes, defense is the team's greatest need but there aren't a lot of great defensive players at the top of the draft. But there are some good offensive players who could provide Kansas City some options. A possibility could be Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree. He'd make a nice tandem with Dwayne Bowe and give new Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel a nice group of weapons. Kansas City could also look at tackles such as Jason Smith of Baylor (if he remains on the board) or Eugene Monroe of Virginia. If the Chiefs take a tackle, they could move Branden Albert -- the No. 15 overall pick last season -- to right tackle.

Scouts Inc.'s take: "I think what Kansas City should do is draft Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji. I think he is the best fit for the Chiefs as they go to the 3-4 defense. He'd be the perfect nose tackle in that defense. I think he'd be an immediate impact player. I like Aaron Curry but I'm just sure if he fits the 3-4 defense. He can be mismatched in those instances. I really think he can be a great 4-3 linebacker but I'm not sure if he'd be a fit. It's the same thing with last year's top pick, Glenn Dorsey. I don't think he fits the 3-4 defense. If they take Dorsey and Curry in back-to-back years it would be taking two guys that don't really fit the new system. That's why I think Raji should be the guy." -- Matt Williamson, Scouts Inc.

Who has final say: Scott Pioli enters his first season as Kansas City's general manager after spending the past several years as a key executive in New England.

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