Elway, Aikman and the concussion issue

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two pieces at Grantland.com and Troy Aikman's subsequent comments played into a theory suggesting concussion problems could threaten the NFL's long-term popularity.

Aikman does not have a son, but said he would have reservations about one playing.

I asked one of Aikman's contemporaries about the subject Friday from the NFL scouting combine. John Elway, speaking as the Denver Broncos' general manager, said he has no second thoughts about having allowed his son to play.

Elway's son, Jack, quit playing after enrolling at Arizona State.

"To me, I guess I look at the game of football and realize that that is part of football," Elway said. "I think the NFL is doing everything they possibly can to keep the integrity of the game and also protect the players. ...

"As a football player, to me, we can't go too far. When you put that helmet on, you know it's a risk. My son played football, and if he wanted to play again now, I'd let him play just because I know what I think of the game of football and to me what the game of football teaches you, not only while you are playing it but also when you are done playing and you are out in the business world."