How Peyton Manning can be seen by Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- If Peyton Manning really wanted new Colts GM Ryan Grigson and new Colts coach Chuck Pagano to see him throw, he could easily circumvent the rule that prevents them from watching him before official offseason workout programs begin.

He could hold a media event where cameras would roll on him working and then put it on a loop on NFL Live and beyond. Or he could simply release or leak video of a throwing session.

Tape isn’t as good as live, but it would be much easier to interpret than nothing or reports from medical people. Manning might judge it unbecoming, but there is no avoiding it: Seeing is believing.

That we’ve seen or heard of no such event or tape or a plan for such an event or tape tells us Manning’s not ready to be seen.

The question is, once the Colts cut Manning to avoid his March 8th $28 million bonus, will such evidence of his health status surface as a lure to suitors? And if so, when?

For reference, here’s the section of the CBA that spells out that Grigson and Pagano can’t simply head out to the Colts field house and watch Manning work.

Prior to the commencement of the Club’s official offseason workout program: (i) players may not receive daily workout payments or workout bonuses of any kind, and may not be paid or reimbursed expenses for travel, board or lodging; (ii) players are not permitted to participate in Club-supervised workouts, Club-supervised practices, group or individual meetings with coaches, group or individual film study with coaches, or group or individual playbook study with coaches; (iii) the Club’s strength and conditioning coaches may not direct players’ individual workouts, but may supervise use of the weight room to prevent injury and to correct misuse of equipment; and (iv) players’ activities may not be directed or supervised by any coaches. In addition, nothing herein shall prevent a Club from permitting an individual player to work out on his own on weekends after the Club’s official offseason program has commenced, or at any time after the Club’s official offseason workout program has ended, using Club facilities if he wishes to do so, subject to the restrictions set forth in the immediately preceding sentence of this Subsection, except that no club official may indicate to a player that such individual workouts are not voluntary, or that a player’s failure to participate in such workouts will result in the player’s failure to make the Club (or that a player’s failure to participate in a workout program or classroom instruction will result in the player’s failure to make the Club or result in any other adverse consequences affecting his working conditions).