Peyton talk not worthy of tampering penalty

The tampering rules and the general lack of enforcement of them get some analysts all stirred up.

I’m not one of them. Everyone understands how things work, and there is a tacit understanding that preliminary contact takes place between team executives and agents of free-agents-to-be before free agency officially opens.

If the league is going to pick situations to use as examples where penalties are handed out, it should investigate some blatant agent-team contact, not the transcripts of coaches and general managers from the podiums at the NFL scouting combine.

Yes, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel spoke of Peyton Manning. But he prefaced it with an acknowledgement that Manning was off limits and he merely stated the obvious: if a four-time MVP comes available, Crennel and the Chiefs would be crazy not to consider him.

If that loses the Chiefs a draft pick, then sign me up with those petitioning for an alteration of the tampering rules.

The comment is not going to have any bearing on what Manning or the Colts do or don’t do.

On an issue where there is little enforcement, that should be the standard.

If the rules are going to hit someone for stating the obvious, then they need to be reframed.