ManningWatch: Alternative to Drew Brees?

This is very far-fetched and probably incomprehensible.

But, with every day that quarterback Drew Brees remains unsigned, there’s a growing panic in New Orleans and that’s when we start to think about far-fetched and incomprehensible things.

Let’s get hypothetical here. Let’s say that the New Orleans Saints somehow can’t get a long-term deal with Brees done. Then, they almost certainly would decide to use the franchise tag on him. But what if they think totally outside the box?

What if they somehow used the franchise tag on guard Carl Nicks or wide receiver Marques Colston? What if they somehow decided to let Brees walk?

Again, it’s highly unlikely. But just about every option is on the table at this point.

What would the Saints do if they did decide to explore life without Brees? They’d have to do something dramatic and I only see one thing out there that might be able to console the fan base a little bit.

What if the Saints brought in Peyton Manning? It appears he’s on his way out of Indianapolis. Assuming his neck is healthy, he’s one of the best quarterbacks ever. There’s also this — Manning’s a New Orleans native and his father, Archie, was a former quarterback for the Saints. Brees is the unquestioned King of New Orleans.

But if the King were to leave the throne, the next best thing might be turning to New Orleans royalty.

Take a look at the SportsNation poll to the right and cast your vote on if you’d be satisfied if Manning were to end up replacing Brees. And feel free to back up your vote by sharing your logic in the comments section below.