Key questions as NFL summons Williams

Why NFL security is summoning Gregg Williams to New York matters a great deal.

Does the league mostly want his input regarding its investigation of the bounty system in place when Williams was the New Orleans Saints' defensive coordinator? This would be a best-case scenario for Williams and for his current employer, the St. Louis Rams.

Williams has already indicated through his public statement a willingness to cooperate with the NFL. He could presumably cooperate via phone, but league security personnel might feel better about their ability to question him in person than from a distance. Williams could also meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Might the league also want Williams' testimony regarding bounty systems that allegedly existed in Buffalo and Washington, where Williams worked before he was with the Rams? This would be logical in light of recent reports. Williams mentioned only the Saints in his public statement. What, if anything, did he tell league officials previously about whether bounty systems existed beyond New Orleans?

A full investigation of teams throughout the league would not seem to serve NFL interests. The league can send a strong message regarding bounties by punishing the Saints and moving on. That approach could become more difficult to follow if evidence surfaces regarding other organizations, particularly those where Williams did not work previously.