Does Manning fit in the AFC West?

It’s Peyton Manning season.

The much anticipated open season on arguably the best player ever to play in the NFL is about to commence. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting the Colts and Manning will appear at a news conference Wednesday to announce that he will be cut. Manning -- who missed all of last season with a neck injury --plans to continue playing. He will be the premier free agent available.

How does this relate to the AFC West?

Manning could very well end up a Kansas City Chief or a Denver Bronco.

Friday, I looked at the reasons why Manning would fit in Kansas City. Meanwhile, in an Insider pieceInsider Tuesday, Chris Sprow looks at what type of impact Manning would have in Kansas City. At the combine, Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel indicated the Chiefs would be apt to consider signing Manning if he became available. Well, he will be available by week’s end.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if Denver at least thinks about adding Manning. Denver’s top decision maker is legendary quarterback John Elway. He won his two Super Bowls at the age of 37 and 38. Manning turns 36 in 18 days.

Plus, Manning would be one of the few quarterbacks Denver could add that would likely make the fan base understand why the team would want to replace Tim Tebow, who, but the way, could season under Manning’s tutelage. Like Kansas City, Denver has an improving roster and Denver coach John Fox has always been partial to veteran quarterbacks.

Moments ago on ‘SportsCenter’, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said he thinks Denver and Arizona are the best fits for Manning. He noted Elway’s presence as a positive factor for Manning.

Of course, it’s all fodder at this point. However, expect the Manning speculation to hit full tilt now that he is officially going to be a former Colt.