The Peyton Manning courtship begins ...

The courtship is on, and according to ESPN’s reports, Peyton Manning could have a new team within a week.

A dozen teams contacted Manning’s representatives Wednesday after his release by the Colts became official.

As he got to Miami, where he has a home, he reiterated he hadn’t yet considered where he’d like to play next.

Manning has supreme focus, and I believe he’s been working out hard and trying to sort through a lot in his head with regard to a parting with the Colts. But even as strong-willed as he is, it’s human nature to think about what’s next when you know something is coming to an end, no?

"I literally have not had one conversation with anyone about these teams,” he said in South Florida. “It's been so hard for me trying to figure out some closure with my situation with the Colts. I haven't thought about teams, and I don't know who is interested. I really don't.””

If that’s the case, he’s done a great job insulating himself from a lot of talk, and his friends have done a great job resisting starting that conversation.

It sounds like Manning will have “significant dialogue” with suitors, consider a list, whittle it and then make some visits to investigate opportunities and show people his arm.

What a whirlwind week of speculation we’re about to face. It should be pretty fun.