Broncos' Manning pursuit to next level?

Perhaps it’s all up in the air.

While sleuthing on a lead that the Cardinals might be flying to Miami to meet with Peyton Manning, NFC West blogger Mike Sando found out that a plane connected to the Broncos flew from Stillwater, Okla., to Miami (where Manning has been staying) on Friday morning. After a short time on the ground, the plane went back to Stillwater.

The Broncos’ brass -- vice president John Elway and coach John Fox -- are in Stillwater for Oklahoma State’s pro day where they watched quarterback Brandon Weeden work out. They are expected to fly back to Denver after the workout.

Unless the Broncos’ brass had a hankering for a Cuban sandwich, it is reasonable to believe the plane flew to Miami on a Manning-related matter. Yes, it’s all dot connecting, but the Broncos badly want Manning, so Sando’s detective work may end up being significant.