ManningWatch: Adjusting the timetable

Quick thoughts on news that Peyton Manning plans to meet with the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans:

  • The situation is fluid: Attempts to handicap this race have become futile. Either Manning does not have a concrete plan or Manning is not sharing his plan. I suspect he's finding his bearings following an emotional break from Indianapolis.

  • Other teams have hope: If Manning is going to meet with the Titans, a team scarcely mentioned as a candidate for his services until owner Bud Adams went public with his interest Sunday, other teams' chances would seem to be on the rise as well. The question for Seattle is simply whether Manning has categorically ruled out the Seahawks for reasons they could not address, such as geography. But the longer Manning remains without a team, the longer the window remains open, even if only a little.

  • Timetable out the window: It's looking like we can forget about Manning signing with another team before free agency opens Tuesday. Initial reports suggested that was his goal. That timetable appears impossible if Manning follows through on meetings with the Dolphins and Titans.

  • Cardinals on hold: Arizona made its pitch to Manning over the weekend and now must join the rest of us in waiting for a resolution.

Manning's situation isn't the only one of note in the division Monday. Randy Moss is meeting with the San Francisco 49ers. The St. Louis Rams are also beginning to trim their roster in preparation for the signing period Tuesday.