Vincent Jackson trivia

No deal is done yet. But, if the Buccaneers do sign free-agent receiver Vincent Jackson, it won’t be the first time the team has held the rights to a player named Vincent Jackson.

I’d thought of that earlier and was just reminded of that fact by ESPN researcher Keith Hawkins.

Back in 1986, the Buccaneers drafted Vincent Edward Jackson, who went by “Bo’’, with the first overall pick. That didn’t work out very well. Jackson elected to play baseball before later resuming his football career with the Raiders.

The wide receiver the Bucs are in contract negotiations with goes by Vincent T. Jackson on his verified Twitter page. He also commonly goes by "VJ."

The Bucs of old tried to sign Bo Jackson, but he never wanted to listen. Twenty-six years later, the Bucs might finally sign Vincent Jackson.

Keep an eye on the headlines section of our main NFL page because that’s where we post news first. If Jackson does agree to terms, I’ll be back here with a quick analysis.