Cutler on Brandon Marshall: 'He'll be fine'

Kudos to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for hopping on ESPN 1000 earlier Wednesday and speaking frankly and forcefully about his close friend and newest teammate, receiver Brandon Marshall.

You can listen to the entire podcast here. Cutler cautioned against judging Marshall before the full facts come to light on an alleged New York City fight Sunday morning. A woman filed a complaint Monday night to police saying Marshall punched her in the left eye, which his attorney denies.

"I know he has a checkered past and Brandon is the first one to stand up and admit to that," Cutler said. But I know deep down he's a good guy. He made some mistakes. But going forward I see nothing but bright things for the guy."

Cutler said he has spoken with Marshall, has learned the details of the situation and is "fully confident" that Marshall will "be fine." Moreover, Cutler said: "I find it very hard to believe [general manager Phil Emery would] pull the trigger on this knowing that something wrong happened and Brandon was at fault."