Is Robinson the Jaguars' No. 2 receiver?

If the Jacksonville Jaguars lined up Laurent Robinson to be their No. 2 receiver, I can understand that.

If they are lining him up to be their No. 1, the casting director is not doing a great job.

His five-year, $32.5 million deal includes $14 million guaranteed. We don’t know details of the structure.

But DeSean Jackson reportedly got $15 million guaranteed on his five-year deal. Pierre Garcon's guarantee amounts to only $600,000 more per year over the life of the deal than Robinson is getting. And Reggie Wayne's three-year contract includes 7.5 million guaranteed.

Is Robinson in their class? I don’t feel like he is.

Neither does Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

“They paid way too much,” Williamson said. “He has skills for sure, but wow is he brittle. So slender, and if he is forced into a prominent No. 1 receiver type of role, he is going to take a pounding.”

Let’s not hammer the Jaguars just yet. They've retained safety Dwight Lowery, defensive end Jeremy Mincey and added backup quarterback Chad Henne.

Let's say they still get a to-be-determined No. 1 receiver, now likely via the draft. If Robinson is No. 2 and Mike Thomas is third, provided he cranks his game back up, they might be OK.

But as of now the dramatic overhaul to the receiver group they need, and we expected, has hardly arrived.