Ready for McCoy-Wallace QB battle?

The Cleveland Browns' "aggressive" pursuit -- as team president Mike Holmgren described it -- to move up to get Robert Griffin III suggests Cleveland isn't comfortable with its current quarterbacks.

So, after failing to get RG3, what's Plan B? Based on what Holmgren is saying, the Browns will turn to the same quarterbacks who received a vote of no confidence after Holmgren detailed how they attempted to trade three first-round picks for RG3. While the Browns could still draft a quarterback, it seems like there is a good chance that the Browns' 2012 quarterback battle will be between Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace.

"The next step is the draft pick that we were going to use to move up there, now we have again," Holmgren said in a conference call with Browns season-ticket holders. "So the other plan we had talked about was to use those picks to make our football team better immediately this year, get starters with those draft picks at other positions this year and to help our quarterbacks who are now existing on the team -- or anybody else who would come onto the team -- better because we’ve surrounded that [quarterback] position with better players.”

For all of those McCoy supporters who want to see what he can do with a stronger supporting cast, you might get your wish. That is, if he beats out Wallace. Or a rookie taken in this year's draft.

Asked by a season-ticket holder if McCoy can become a franchise quarterback, general manager Tom Heckert said, “We do think Colt has a big ceiling. Obviously, it’s my job to get him better players surrounding him.”

It's important to remember that the Browns aren't going to give the job to McCoy like last season. Wallace will have as good of a shot at starting as McCoy.

"I think it's a little bit unfair to write those guys off right now," Holmgren said, "and I'm not willing to do that."