Forget about Peyton Manning to 49ers

Skip Bayless was crowing even more than usual, reveling in his contention from the beginning that the San Francisco 49ers should pursue Peyton Manning.

The "First Take" video should get your blood pumping a little on a Monday morning. It becomes a free-for-all after Bayless makes a couple of initial points.

But with Manning choosing the Denver Broncos on Monday -- the news is now coming in from ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter -- this discussion feels so five minutes ago.

One interesting point from Bayless: the likelihood that someone above 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh decided the team could not justify standing pat while Manning went elsewhere. We all know Harbaugh wanted to bring back Alex Smith. I also think we shouldn't mistake public support for unconditional support, and that the team's initial inability to re-sign Smith showed it wasn't willing to make him its undisputed long-term starter.

Harbaugh will have to lead the charge in making things right with Smith, assuming the 49ers still want to bring him back. More on that to come.

Editor's note: The video referenced in the post is no longer available.