Could Mike Wallace be a gift for Manning?

As I digested and began to react to the news that Peyton Manning is about to become a Denver Bronco, I wondered to myself if the Broncos could be poised to make another huge move.

I wasn’t the only one in our ESPN blog network. Yes, Jamison Hensley, I also believe the Denver Broncos should perhaps consider making a play for Pittsburgh restricted free agent Mike Wallace.

Any team that wants to sign Wallace to an offer sheet must hope the Steelers don’t match. If the Steelers don’t match, the team that signs Wallace must surrender its first-round pick top Pittsburgh. Denver has the No. 25 pick in the draft. The game-breaking Wallace is well worth the No. 25 pick.

Wallace (who Pittsburgh drafted with a pick acquired from Denver) would likely be interested in playing with Manning, and the feeling would likely be mutual. In Denver, Wallace would be the No. 1 receiver and team with promising receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. That would be a tremendous group for Manning.

Even after signing Manning, the Broncos might be able to construct a winning deal for Wallace. The speedster is only 25, so this would be a long-term commitment; perhaps well beyond Manning’s years.

The only bad part of it is it would take money and a draft pick away from helping the defense. I think Denver needs to continue to work on the defense. But adding Wallace is a plausible move the Broncos should consider.