Manning deal should help Drew Brees

There obviously has been quite a bit of hysteria, probably all around the world, about Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos.

But, as Jeff Duncan points out, there might not be anyone happier about Manning’s deal than Drew Brees.

The New Orleans quarterback is currently carrying the franchise tag because he and the team couldn’t come to a long-term deal before the start of free agency. There were reports that the Saints had offered a deal that averaged $18.5 million a season and reports that Brees countered with $23 million.

The five-year deal Manning got with the Broncos is worth $96 million. That’s an average of $19.2 million, which sets a new bar that gives Manning the highest average salary of any quarterback.

Tom Condon is Manning’s agent. He also is Brees’ agent. Condon’s one of the top agents in the business and I think he can point to Manning’s contract whenever he talks with the Saints next. He can point to the fact Brees is healthier and younger than Manning. I think you could also make a very strong case that Brees is a better quarterback than Manning at this stage of their respective careers.

I’m not sure if Condon and Brees will get the full $23-million average. But Manning’s deal certainly could be a steppingstone toward that number.