Tebow to Jags would mean Khan meddles

Adam Schefter reports that teams interested in acquiring Tim Tebow include Green Bay, Miami, the Jets, and, wait for it, Jacksonville.

Things have gone silent at Jaguars headquarters from what I can tell, and from what I have read.

Perhaps that means management and coaches are preparing for a force-feeding from their new owner, Shahid Khan.

I am convinced if Tebow ends up in Jacksonville, it won’t be because general manager Gene Smith wants him or because Mike Mularkey and his staff want him.

Blaine Gabbert is the starter, Chad Henne will be the backup.

If, as a third-stringer, Tebow wound up playing, Mularkey is creative enough that he’d design a package centering on what Tebow does well. Maybe he would use him as a special package change-up.

Would there be a mad rush to the box office upon the addition of Tebow? I suppose, though I am not positive tarps would immediately be taken down. (And I always stress even with the tarps, EverBank Field is bigger than Soldier Field. Should the Jaguars be outdrawing the Bears?)

Would there also be a great degree of resentment among legitimate Jaguars diehards that Khan starts off by meddling? I think for sure.

And the second group of fans is more important than the first.

The people that would come out to see "The Tebow Gimmick" will go away when it doesn’t work. And I simply don’t believe it will work long-term. (Is there a worse scenario than putting tarps back up?)

Adding Tebow certainly could give Smith and Mularkey something to commiserate about -- their boss.

Unity counts for something, right?